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What started out as a modest plumbing business in Lynn in 1929 has grown beyond what its founder, Emanuel Amanti, could have imagined: a 4th generation powerhouse mechanical contractor with exceptional expertise in Plumbing, HVAC, Fire Protection, Service, and much more.

E. Amanti & Sons, Inc. (EAS), which relocated from Lynn to Salem in the 1950’s has witnessed dramatic growth, but still retains the pride and personal touch that people associate with an old-fashioned family business.

Currently run by a combination of third generation, Tom Amanti (CEO), and fourth generation, Steve Amanti (COO), and Diane Amanti (CFO), along with Tom’s wife, Dottie Amanti (CTO/HR) and Vin Camerlengo (Executive VP), the company focuses on commercial projects, with a few residential projects by special request. Tom’s father John, contributed on the estimating side well into his late 80’s and leaves a legacy of hard work and unwavering dedication to family, just like his Dad, Emanuel and brother, Vin Amanti.  They led their lives and Amanti with dignity, respect and a little humor.

By self-performing multiple trades, Amanti is able to control and coordinate multiple aspects of construction work, providing them with competitive advantages. They’ve even been known to be a “single source” company on projects with aggressive timelines.

Amanti’s body of work includes work for public schools and major institutions, such as MIT, Tufts University, the North Shore Medical Center, and large local high schools including Wellesley and Malden High.  EAS has worked on significant school building projects in Methuen, North Reading, Salem, Stoneham, Dorchester, Sutton, Georgetown, Ayer/Shirley, Concord Carlisle, Weston and the new MLK School in Cambridge. One client that‘s particularly notable is the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM), which has undergone rapid expansion over the past 10-15 years.

The PEM project – involved building a new energy heating and cooling system to power not only the Museum’s existing building, but a 5-story addition. Moreover, PEM needed their existing boiler room removed from expansion, thereby requiring a new mechanical plant to be installed on the facility’s roof while maintaining the existing systems until completion in less than 9 months. To accomplish this, Amanti and various Sub-contractors were responsible for 10 new boilers, 3 chillers, 5 cooling towers and other state-of-the-art equipment.

There are many reasons for EAS’ impressive growth over the decades, but Chief Operating Officer, Steve Amanti (Tom & Dottie’s son) was quick to point out the importance of old-fashioned work ethic within his family company. “It’s our family name on all of our work, and we take that responsibility seriously.”

They’ve also developed a tight-knit culture within the company resulting in an uncommonly low turnover rate among their employees. “We’ve got employees who have been working here for over 30 years, and 65% of our employees have been here over 20 years,” noted Amanti. That’s translated in now just great camaraderie, but superior workmanship.”

Evidence of that low turnover rate and retained expertise is exemplified by Tom Amanti and Vin Camerlengo. They’ve been working together for decades, know the market inside and out, and know when not to pursue projects that the company can’t truly be competitive on – a common trap that many subcontractors fall into.

And by knowing the market, EAS has been able to not just survive, but grow over the decades. “The competition’s getting fiercer, more so than 15 – 20 years ago,” said Amanti. Because of the amount of public work, the company is always competing  on price – a necessity as the lowest price bidder who’s qualified to do the work wins the job on public projects, with no subsequent negotiations allowed.

With this emphasis on price, skilled estimating becomes a necessity, not a luxury, to survive. “Tom and Steve are involved with every bid we put out, with Tom putting his magic touch on it before it leaves our office,” Camerlengo commented.

Amanti & Sons’ body of successful work has enabled them to get their foot in the door early on many projects. “We’re now at a point where some of our clients come to us and ask us to bid on their projects, which is a great compliment to how we do business, both in the office and in the field,” said Amanti.

They also highly value educating their workforce on the latest technologies and certifications. “When LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certifications came out, 85% of EAS’s workforce attended classes from the Gould Institute. In fact, both Steve and Dottie Amanti have LEED A/P certification. The company is also involved in multiple charity endeavors; a birthing/waiting room in the North Shore Medical Center is named after Amanti.

And they highly value their membership in the Associated Subcontractors of Massachusetts (ASM), the state’s premier trade association for commercial subcontractors. “ASM offers great networking events, and has helped me build relationships with other contractors in my trade and beyond,” Amanti observed. “I get to bounce ideas off others, which helps when we run into tricky situations. And their educational programs are top notch; we frequently bring those materials back to share with our team.”

But while technologies and market conditions are ever-changing, one thing that doesn’t charge at EAS’ is its commitment to their clients and their employees. It’s a 4th-generation company with a senior management team that truly cares about every project, and every employee.

“Everybody here feels like they’re part of something important, and it shows in our work,” Amanti concluded.

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Experience and Expertise

Background and personal: As a third generation owner, Tom Amanti has built on his family’s commitment to detail and the customer to produce a versatile mechanical construction company, which specializes in large commercial installations and renovations in the plumbing, HVAC and fire protection trades. Tom believes in giving back to the community and has therefore, in the name of E. Amanti & Sons, Inc. made major contributions to the North Shore Medical Center Cardiac Surgery and Birthplace Initiatives. E. Amanti & Sons, Inc. is honored to have a birthing room at North Shore Medical Center bear its name. In addition, Tom and E. Amanti & Sons, Inc. have contributed to the advancement of the trades in the state of Massachusetts by sponsoring apprentice programs in plumbing, pipefitting, sheet metal and sprinkler fitting for over twenty years and offered  sheet metal, plumbing and pipefitting training programs on site for decades. In addition, OSHA training and plan reading classes are offered on site.



Experience and Expertise

Background and personal: Dottie Amanti has held many positions here at E. Amanti & Sons, Inc. including Treasurer, since 1986, Controller (1997 to 2004), CFO/ HR Director (2004-2024) and currently Chief Technology Officer/ HR Director.  Dottie holds a B.S. degree in chemical engineering from Tufts University and a graduate certificate in mechanical engineering, also from Tufts as well as an MBA/MS Finance from Northeastern University. 

Dottie draws on her decade of experience at GE Aerospace and Aircraft Engine Divisions as a design engineer, quality control engineer, program manager and marketing manager, to implement policies and procedures at E. Amanti & Sons,



Experience and Expertise

Background and personal: Vin Camerlengo joined E. Amanti & Sons, Inc. in 1981 and prides himself as being the fifth employee hired. He remembers the day John Amanti asked him if he could learn to be a plumber to which Vinnie responded that he could learn anything if shown once.

Vin grew up alongside his dad learning to repair boats and boat engines. Vin followed his passion for boats and boating to the United States Coast Guard where he proudly served for 6 years before entering the E. Amanti & Sons, Inc. apprentice program.

Vin subsequently worked his way through all the positions at E. Amanti & Sons, Inc., including plumber, foreman, project manager and now Executive Vice President. Vin has a passion for teaching the trades with an emphasis on hard work, responsibility and quality. Vin has taught many plumbing apprentice classes as well as continuing education classes to licensed plumbing mechanics. 

Vin has continued to serve as a member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and member of the Homeland Security since 1996.


Experience and Expertise

Background and personal: Jack Mondello arrived at E. Amanti & Sons, Inc. in 1991 as a sheet metal mechanic with extensive experience in the HVAC industry. Jack was very familiar with a family business environment since he and his father and beloved Amanti project manager, Bob Mondello, brought not only themselves but also several of their company’s employees to E. Amanti & Sons, Inc. in 1991, as well. Jack rapidly learned the intricacies of Amanti, introduced the HVAC technology of his family business and now manages multi-million dollar, multi trade projects.


Experience and Expertise




Experience and Expertise